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Miami Dade County and Broward County Building Recertification
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We have partnered with detailed and experienced professional engineers, here are a few…
Raissa Lopez, Structural Engineer in Eastern Engineering Group

Raissa Lopez, PE

20 years of experience

Raissa Lopez is Structural Engineer with over 20 years of experience and President of Eastern Engineering Group.

Gonzalo Paz, Structural Engineer in Eastern Engineering Group

Gonzalo Paz, PE

20 years of experience
Gonzalo A. Paz is a Structural Engineer with over 20 years of experience and Vice President of Eastern Engineering Group. He has performed over 400 Recertification inspections, including public entity projects.
Carlos Rodriguez, Electrical Engineer in Eastern Engineering Group

Carlos Rodriguez, PE

25 years of experience
Carlos Rodriguez is an Electrical Engineer with over 25 years of experience and President of Rodriguez Anglin Professional Design.
Alexis Martinez, Structural Engineer in Eastern Engineering Group

Alexis Martinez, PE

10 years of experience
Alexis Martinez is a Structural Engineer with over 10 years of experience and the Director of the Structural Engineering Division at Eastern Engineering Group.

To learn more about our engineers and their qualifications, visit
 Eastern Engineering Group.


  • “Eastern Engineering has provided the City with high quality and professional engineering services for numerous 40 year recertification projects. It is a pleasure doing business with them.”

    Vicente Rodriguez, Director City of Hialeah Construction Maintenance Department 900 East 56 Street Hialeah, Fl 33013
  • “Eastern Engineering Group/ Rodriguez & Anglin saved the day for us, somehow we found ourselves behind schedule with a due Recertification. A friend recommended them and the next day they were delivering the reports, a completely different feel of what a building recertification can be. We really recommend this team.”

    Gaston Rodriguez, Property Owner Prestige Body Shop 7350 SW 42nd Street Miami, Florida 33146
  • “At all times I have found Eastern Engineer and all its employees to be dependable and reliable. Eastern Engineering had performed several works for the City of Miami Beach. Those works included designing projects as Structural and Civil Engineers but also had performed on several occasions 40 year Certifications for us in different buildings.

    Oniel E. Toledo, B.S.M.E., M.E.M., AFO, CPSI, Project Coordinator City of Miami Beach Parks & Recreation Department 1701 Meridian Avenue, Suite 401 Miami Beach, Fl 33139
  • “Eastern Engineering Group/ Rodriguez & Anglin as a team took care of our Process of Required Recertification (40 Years). Their approach was very professional and the reports were ready when promised, finally a company that delivers. I will absolutely recommend them.

    Luis Figueroa, Manager Condo Association Kendall Acres 10375-A SW 88th Street Miami, Florida 33176


    What is the origin of the Building Recertification program?

    On August 5th 1974, a building leased by the DEA located at 1201 NE 2 Ave, Miami collapsed and killed 7 people and injured 16 others. At the time of the collapse the building was determined to be 40 years old, which is why on May 21, 1975, the Board of County Commissioners adopted and passed Ordinance No. 75-34, amending the South Florida Building Code to require that all buildings, except single family residences, duplexes and minor structures, 40 years old or older be recertified as to their structural safety. Subsequent recertifications were required at 10-year intervals.

    What is the basic purpose of the Building Recertification program?

    The basic purpose of the building recertification program is to get a set of trained eyes to inspect and determine how the building is aging. As well to identify any structural distress or electrical issues. If any deficiencies are found, recommend repairs so the building can continue to serve its purpose.

    What changes were implemented in the Building Recertification program?

    Miami-Dade adopted a strengthened milestone inspection program that reduced the inspection cycle from 40 to 30 years, among other changes. Florida recently enacted a new law that created a milestone inspection program across the entire state; it is currently limited to condominium and cooperative association buildings 3-stories or taller. Some Condominium and Cooperative law changes include not being able to waive reserves and providing a reserve study every 10-year to set maintenance reserve amounts.

    Which buildings are covered by the Building Recertification program?

    All buildings and structures are covered, except; single family residences and duplexes; or agricultural exempt buildings; or minor buildings 2,000 square feet or less and having an occupancy load of 10 or less based on the building code classification, both conditions must apply (size and occupants). Occupancy is based on the potential occupancy load for the use classification in the code.If recertification notice is received, it is the owner’s responsibility to request an exemption in writing from the Building Official.

    What is the methodology used for a Building Recertification Inspection?

    Visual inspection, identify any structural distress, perform non-destructive and/or destructive testing, when necessary, and load testing, when necessary. Review engineering documents, if available and review prior building recertification reports, if applicable.

    What are the structural elements inspected during a Building Recertification Inspection?

    The structural elements inspected are foundation (signs of ground settling), masonry bearing walls (settlement cracks), main structural elements such as columns, beams, and slabs (spalling), wall, floor, and roof structural framing systems (spalling, overloading, cracks), roof covering (condition of roofing membrane), windows and doors (leaking), and building façade (cladding, appurtenances, other).

    What are the electrical elements inspected during a building recertification inspection?

    The electrical elements inspected are: visually inspecting and describing the electrical service equipment supplying the building, identifying branch circuits, evaluating wiring, evaluating conduits to be free of corrosion and dents, inspecting emergency lighting, exit signs, fire alarm system, where applicable. An infrared thermography inspection must be performed on electrical systems operating at 400 amps or greater.

    What building information is necessary to perform a Building Recertification Inspection?

    Obtain plans and documents for the building, if available. The professional must review original engineering to understand how the building is designed. Building violations must be investigated, and the professional must determine if they affect the structural and/or electrical elements of the building. The building code under which the building was built must be investigated. Buildings undergoing recertification do not need to conform to current codes.

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    Eastern Engineering Group has a long history conducting 25 year milestone inspections, 30 year recertifications, 40 year recertifications, and all types of building recertifications. We have worked closely with various clients completing inspections required by Miami-Dade County and Broward County since 2005. Once you schedule an appointment, one of our Professional Engineers will arrive at the site of inspection and carry out the procedure. We perform recertification inspections with the highest legal and ethical standards, making sure to inspect every structure thoroughly.

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