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Building Recertification Process

Building Recertification Process Guidelines

After the revision of the Miami Dade and the state of Florida law regarding the recertification of buildings, it was determined that the properties, instead of being recertified in a 40-year cycle. The cycle is now reduced to every 25 years. Or 30 years depending on its location with respect to the coastline.

Properties located less than three miles from the coast will have to be inspected under the new law every 25 years. This inspection has been called Milestone Building Recertification or Milestion Inspection. It will have to be repeated periodically in cycles of every 10 years and applies to condominiums and cooperative buildings 3 stories or taller.

On the other hand, properties located more than three miles from the coast will have to be inspected under the new law every 30 years. This inspection has been called Inland Building Recertification or Inland Inspection. The same will have to be repeated periodically in cycles of every 10 years and applies to condos/cooperative two stories or less, and all other building occupancy types.

When this law is implemented, the owners must understand, as has been communicated by Miami Dade County, that all buildings built before 1998 and located less than 3 miles from the coast throughout the state of Florida must receive a communication requesting a Milestone Certification Inspection from the month of January of the year 2023. A property located more than three miles from the coast in certain counties of the state of Florida that have been built before the year 1993 will be notified to carry out an Inland Certification Inspection from January 2023.

Who can Perform a Building Recertification Inspection

If the building is more than four stories or is taller than 50 feet inspections must be performed by a structural engineer and an electrical engineer as they fall under the Threshold Building category. Also a building that can hold more than 500 people in an area of ​​5,000 Sq Ft will be considered a threshold building and therefore will have to be inspected by an electrical engineer, and a structural engineer and not by an architect. A building less than 50 feet tall or less than three stories may be inspected by a structural engineer, electrical engineer, or an architect.

In the experience of Eastern Engineering Group for more than 17 years, recertifying buildings we recommend selecting a professional who meets the requirements of the new law implemented in the state of Florida; but also someone who has professional experience performing these inspections. Eastern Engineering further recommends that the company selected to carry out the inspection has professional liability insurance and has no interest in repairing the property in the event that the building foreseeably has structural or electrical problems. This will avoid conflicts of interest.

Design Professionals for Inspection

The professional in charge of carrying out the inspection for recertification must access the property and observe the existing structural and electrical conditions according to the indications of the form pre-established by Miami Dade that indicates the objectives to be inspected. The owner or person responsible for supporting the engineers during the inspection must guarantee access to the sites that they consider necessary to complete the report.

The Building Recertification Report must be submitted within the time agreed between the owner of the property and the professionals who carry out the inspection. However, in the event that the property shows damage that offers danger to the structural or electrical integrity, the building department must be notified within a period of no less than ten days.

In the event that the damage found by the professionals conducting the inspection offers a potentially serious danger, it must be reported to the county authorities within a period not exceeding 24 hours.

Eastern Engineering Group seeks to provide reliable information to clients, other property managers, owners and homeowners associations through its blog to guide and update on changes being made in property recertification. However, we also offer our willingness to answer any questions or doubts that those interested in obtaining more information may have through our telephones or consultations in person at our engineering offices located in Miami Dade. Any consultation will be free and we alert the owners to anticipate and maintain their buildings with the proper maintenance to prevent the deterioration of electrical systems and structures.

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