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Design Professional

Duty of Design Professional to Report Results of Building Recertification

There are many different kinds of engineers and thousands of different types of projects engineers work on. For example, building engineers build new structures such as skyscrapers. They also maintain the safety of old buildings such as churches and schools. Electrical engineers focus on the power supply system for various technologies, machines, vehicles, and systems. They also work on protection circuits for electrical equipment to ensure it operates safely and effectively.

Generally speaking, engineers must be certified, trained, and authorized to work on projects that affect public health and safety. They must also recertify their credentials every few years to keep up with new technology. For example, an electrical engineer and a structural engineer must recertify their knowledge every few years through a course or exam. He or she must do this to legally perform the duties associated with your license. Additionally, the license user agreement will specify how often re certifications are required. In some cases, a license may not be required for certain types of projects if the engineer has passed an equivalent national certification exam.

Structural Professional Engineers

A Structural Engineer (SE) is a specialized expert who designs, builds and maintains buildings, bridges, structural component systems and other structures that support life and the essential functions of the nation’s economy. A structural engineer is responsible for ensuring the safety of the building and its contents. In addition to his practical skills, a structural engineer must be knowledgeable in the sciences and mathematics related to his field. He must also understand how to apply his knowledge to design projects effectively.

Becoming a certified structural engineer is challenging, but many people manage it through hard work and dedication.

The eastern engineering group (EEG) is a registered professional engineering group that comprises highly qualified and experienced engineers. Their services are sought by both private and public clients. The members of the group have a common goal of maintaining standards, promoting education and creating awareness about engineering among the general public. They also collaborate on engineering solutions to bring about global technological advancements.

Eastern Engineering Group has several professionals registered in the state of Florida and 13 other states in the United States, and is also certified for its technical qualifications in Miami Dade.

The Building Recertification

Building and site certification is a standard procedure for ensuring the structural safety of structures. The process involves periodically testing a building to see if it is still safe and to certify that the process has not altered the structure’s safety. This helps prevent accidents and injury from incorrect repairs or construction. It also ensures that structures are kept up to code and in good working order.

The original certification of a building is valid as long as the structure is structurally sound. After that, it must be recertified every 10, 25 or 30 years depending on its date of construction and building location to remain certified. The original certifying agent recertifies the building when the structure is still structurally sound. The recertification process involves a complete examination of the building and its systems and materials. In addition, an inspection of the building components is carried out to certify that they are still in good working order. Any structural element that needs to be replaced or repaired is identified and replaced or repaired as necessary before the examination is carried out.

Structural Elements to Inspect for Building Recertification

Building recertification is a program designed to certify structures built, renovated and expanded. First, building owners should understand why the recertification is necessary. Safety is the main reason for this certification; without it, the buildings can’t function properly. 

The Structural Elements to Inspect will be the following:

• Structural Elements 

• Foundation (signs of ground settling) 

• Masonry bearing walls (settlement cracks) 

• Main structural elements such as columns, beams, and slabs (spalling) 

• Wall, Floor, and roof structural framing systems (spalling, overloading, cracks) 

• Roof covering (condition of roofing membrane) 

• Windows and doors (leaking) 

• Building façade (cladding, appurtenances, other)

• Parking lots adjacent to canals, lakes, or other bodies of water.

Whether your building needs recertification or you want to be prepared for future building recertification approval, Eastern Engineering Group guarantees a professional response with a high quality of services.

Feel free to give us a call to the engineering office of Eastern Engineering Group located in Miami at 305.599.8133 or contact us through our website and let us know how we can bring your project to life. 

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Eastern Engineering Group has a long history conducting 25 year milestone inspections, 30 year recertifications, 40 year recertifications, and all types of building recertifications. We have worked closely with various clients completing inspections required by Miami-Dade County and Broward County since 2005. Once you schedule an appointment, one of our Professional Engineers will arrive at the site of inspection and carry out the procedure. We perform recertification inspections with the highest legal and ethical standards, making sure to inspect every structure thoroughly.

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